Our Life Story

We are a small family living in the beautiful and rural town of Genola, Utah. With over 2 and 1/2 acres, we enjoy and love adventuring in the outside world. Even though we have some space of our own, that doesn’t keep us from adventuring out even more! Our favorite thing to do is head out camping to explore the beauties of nature. We like to go to many types of different camping areas, from the sand dunes, to the lakes, to the mountains. We believe dogs are meant to be a part of the family, and we always take ours with us.

Melanie has been passionate about all animals from a very young age. Dogs were always one of her favorites. When she was young she was known as “the dog girl” and was running around on her hands and knees more than she was on two legs. When playing house, most kids would say, “I get to be the mom” or “I want to be the baby” but Melanie would always call out, “I get to be the dog!” She spent her childhood years trying to learn all she could about dogs. When she was 18 and just finishing up high school, she got her first Golden Retriever. She had a goal that her puppy would grow up to be the “coolest dog ever”. At that time, she was also going through a veterinary assisting course, and so “Sadie” was used as the guinea pig as she learned about basic veterinary practices. In her effort to teach Sadie everything, she learned a lot about dog training and discovered that she loved it! A few years after getting Sadie, she enrolled in a dog training program and became a certified dog trainer. Sadie could do it all, and together, they did it all. They’d go horseback riding through the hills, jogging through the town, they competed in agility, spalshdogs, and flyball. They became a certified therapy team, they went hunting, and Melanie taught her just about every trick she could think of. One night while laying in bed, Melanie’s sister came into her room to tell her something and left without turning the light off. Sadie was laying on her bed which was next to Melanie’s. They looked at each other and as Melanie got out of bed to turn off the light, she said to Sadie, “tomorrow I’m teaching you to turn the light off.” And she did. That was the type of relationship they had, and that is the type of relationship she hopes to help everyone else have with their dogs. Melanie spent many years with Sadie and also training other dogs and puppies either from clients and friends or from fostering through local rescue centers which she loved to do.

After getting married and starting to raise a family, she realized that she didn’t quite have the time to continue doing all the things she loved to do with dogs. That was also when she realized how amazing and versatile Golden Retrievers really are, and what amazing family dogs they are. We decided to move out to the country and get a puppy that we could have as our family pet, and also that we could breed and raise puppies to share our passion with others. And that is when “Kiko” joined our lives. See Kiko’s page to learn more about her and how much our family loves her being part of it.

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