Breeding Program

We have chosen parent dogs that come from great lines and have had all the health tests and certifications done. (OFA- hips, elbows, heart, and eyes and DNA tests done for different genetic diseases). See our Health Test Page to learn more about these tests and certificates. We respect the AKC breed standard and our puppies will be within the guidelines for size and other traits and characteristics that goldens are supposed to be, both physically and in their temperaments. (See the Golden Retriever breed standard here)

Not only do our puppies have the genetics for great health, looks, and temperament, but I have been a certified dog trainer since 2010. Our puppies are raised in our home and know basic manners along with being started on many other behaviors and commands. We follow Puppy Culture and stick to their schedule for specific timing for introducing socialization, habituation, and enrichment to give our puppies the potential to be the best they can be.

We focus on confidence building and mainly want your puppy to love to learn. We also do early neural stimulation which helps dogs to be more confident. We will also introduce your puppy to the treadmill and a few obstacles so they aren’t afraid of new “scary” things and will be able to be your perfect companion no matter what direction you are wanting to go. Whether it be therapy work, hunting, agility, or just a great family pet.

That doesn’t mean you get a free ride and don’t have to continue with training. 😉 Dogs need leadership and training throughout their lives, and especially while they’re young. I will instruct and help you and give you material and resources so your awesome puppy will grow into an awesome dog.

Puppies will have a thorough checkup and health certificate from a veterinarian, and the age appropriate vaccines/deworming. I do not remove dew claws (See our page about Vet Care for more information).