“35 % of a dog is genetic – 65% is socialization, management and nutrition”

-The Monks of New Skete

We require all future puppy owners to fill out our Puppy Application to be considered for one of our puppies. Please fill out the application and email it back to us, and thank you for considering Limitless Goldens!

Most of our puppies are sold on limited registration (which means you can do anything with your puppy with the exception of breeding and conformation shows). Full registration is available only to approved homes.

We care about these puppies very much and take pride in raising them to make sure they are well-rounded, healthy, social, and well behaved before they leave us. All puppies are raised in our home as if they were our own. Puppies are started on potty training, crate training, come, sit, stay, fetch, and more! Puppies undergo Early Neural Stimulation (proven to create dogs that are less prone to an over-reaction to stimuli, tend to be more social, and adapt to change more easily). They will be extremely socialized to kids, dogs, cats, people, noises, and several different obstacles including the treadmill. This helps them be able to excel in any venue they may be doing as an adult. We follow Puppy Culture protocol to give these puppies the potential to be the best they can be.

We send puppies home between 9-10 weeks of age. They will have one set of vaccines, several dewormings, and a thorough checkup from our veterinarian. We do not remove dew claws. Visit our Vet Care page for more information.

Included with your puppy is our “Doggie Bag” which consists of a binder with their health information, AKC registration forms and training handouts, a bag of food, a thumb drive with pictures, a leash, toys, and a blanket with smells they are used to in order to help them transition to their new home. We also take time to go through the binder and explain and teach you how to continue training with your puppy so they will grow into an exceptional dog.


We do not have another litter planned at this time. We will update when we are planning our next one.

Follow our Facebook page to see updates and for more about our puppies and watch them grow, learn and play.


Our Rainbow Litter!

After 2 breedings both resulting in no puppies, we were finally blessed on our third try with our “Rainbow” litter. Kiko had 6 puppies but unfortunately two were stillborn. And even more heartbreaking, we lost one at a week old. But our three survivors were amazing and fun to raise! We named all of them, and wished we would’ve had a chance to see what the ones we lost personalities would’ve been like. We named them (in birth order): Ruby (female), Hunter (male, died at 7 days old), Copper (male), Indigo (male), Sunny (male stillborn), and Violet (female stillborn).

We are SO pleased and proud of these little guys so far. We had them temperament tested to make sure we placed them in the right homes for their individual energy levels. We had them evaluated for service dog work which they all passed with flying colors. And we had them evaluated structurally to see how well they are built and how close to the breed standard they are. They all got great scores there and are built very correct. All of the evaluators were delighted with how great of puppies they are!